When Verizon’s first LTE phone came out (HTC Thunderbolt), people were a little disappointed. It wasn’t because of the speed of LTE, because that surely impressed. It wasn’t even about the specs per se – it didn’t have a dual core processor – because even though many people were expecting dual core phones, they were just coming out in the market, so it wasn’t that much of a big deal.

Although, I do believe Verizon’s LTE speeds may download the full websites faster than a single core processor can render them, in effect making the processor the bottleneck for your web browsing experience. Mobile browsing should truly approach the desktop browsing experience once the quad core processors arrive, with almost instant page rendering. That coupled with 30-50 Mbps LTE speeds should provide a very painless mobile browsing experience.

But the biggest complaint about the Thunderbolt was that it cost $250 for what was soon to become a phone with mid-end specs. A new phone is being launched on Verizon now that not only does it offer LTE with similar specs, but it’s also much cheaper, which should help Verizon push their LTE service into the mainstream market.

The Pantech Breakout is a 1 Ghz processor Android 2.3 smartphone, which comes with a 4″ 800×480 display, a 5 MP camera with 720p recording, and a VGA front-camera. The specs look great, especially when you consider it has LTE and it only cost $99 after some discounts.

Verizon is about to cover more and more of US with its LTE network, and they don’t want the investment to go to waste, so now they are trying to get as many LTE customers as possible in the shortest amount of time. The way to do that is by making a very decent Android smartphone for a great price that should appeal to a lot more people than those of us who always buy the best smartphones in the market.

This should help Verizon get more LTE customers, but it should also help keep the pricing pressure on more known manufacturers, and hopefully high-end Android smartphones with LTE will go back to being “only” $200 soon.