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Verizon Nexus 5 not happening, but “a set of projects for 2014” are planned with the carrier

Google's Sundar Pichai has confirmed that Verizon will not get the Nexus 5, but he added that "a set of projects for 2014" are in the works with the carrier.
October 31, 2013
nexus 5 official

Verizon won’t be getting the Google Nexus 5, but it looks like the two companies have in the works “a set of projects for 2014.”

The highly-anticipated new Nexus handset is going to be available in the USA directly from Google, but also from Sprint and T-Mobile, a CDMA and a GSM carrier, respectively.

Interestingly, Big Red has not inked a Nexus 5 deal with Google, Sundar Pichai told The Verge.

However, the same Pichai added that Google and Verizon are working together on some projects for next year, without revealing any details about them at this time.

Considering that 2013 is almost done, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Nexus 5 hit Big Red at some point next year, but then again we’re just speculating at this point, not to mention that Verizon hasn’t been the friendlies Nexus carrier out there.

For what it’s worth, AT&T is not carrying the handset independently, but buyers getting unlocked Nexus 5 models will be able to use it on AT&T’s network.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 5 can already be ordered from the Google Play Store, and should be available from Sprint and T-Mobile in the coming weeks.