The Moto X launched on AT&T just a few days ago, but other carriers seemed to be left in the dark regarding availability, until Motorola’s Punit Soni made a statement on Google+. Now, Verizon just announced that the Moto X will be available for purchase online for $199.99 on a new two-year contract come Aug. 29, the same date some rumors were hinting at.

Keep in mind that the device will only be available online on Aug.29, as the carrier says that its brick and mortar stores will begin receiving units “in the coming weeks.”

While Verizon does now have the Moto X available in its online store, the MotoMaker, at the time of this writing, can only be used for Moto X’s on AT&T’s network. AT&T supposedly has exclusivity on the MotoMaker until November, which is a tad disappointing. ¬†After all, the MotoMaker is a pretty key part to the Moto X.

The good news is that Verizon has said that they’ll offer the MotoMaker tool “later this year.” For now, though, there are only two color options available — white and black.

Not sure about the Moto X yet? Be sure to check out our full review (video below) on Motorola’s next big device, then!

Are you going to purchase a Moto X on Verizon? Does the lack of MotoMaker availability hinder your purchase? Let us know in the comments!

Brad Ward
Residing in Eastern Michigan, Brad is a lover of all-things Android. Technology has always been a fascination for him. His first phone was the Motorola Atrix 2 with a recent upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He enjoys gaming, weightlifting, reading, creating ideas and most of all, writing.