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Verizon Moto X, Droid RAZR M Ultra and Droid RAZR Ultra apparently spotted in Cellebrite system

Three upcoming Motorola handsets including the Verizon Moto X, Droid RAZR M Ultra and Droid RAZR Ultra have apparently been spotted in a Cellebrite system. Read on for more details!
July 18, 2013
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Three upcoming Verizon smartphones have apparently been spotted in a Cellebrite system, suggesting their launch is imminent.

We found the following image in our inbox, clearly listing three upcoming Motorola devices. While we don’t know whose Cellebrite unit we’re looking at, and whether the picture is legitimate, it certainly matches recent reports. However, the image above also mentions two other rather old Motorola handsets, the Droid 2 and its R2D2 version.

Those of you not familiar with current rumors may not recognize the new handsets by their model numbers, but if you’ve closely followed Android news this year, you’ll know that the XT1060 is said to be Verizon’s Moto X version (at least according to the FCC), while the XT1030 and XT1080 most likely describe the Droid RAZR M Ultra and the Droid RAZR Ultra.

Verizon Moto X, Droid RAZR M Ultra, Droid RAZR Ultra

These product numbers have been seen in previous reports so far. Moreover, there’s a third model in the new Droid series, the XT1080M, which should describe the upcoming Droid MAXX, but isn’t seen in the image above.

Verizon has already announced a media event for July 23, when it will likely unveil the new Droid models, but we still don’t have an announcement date for the highly anticipated Moto X.

Since Motorola’s upcoming flagship device will not be included in the Droid family, we don’t expect it to be announced during Verizon’s show. Instead, Google and/or Motorola should properly unveil the Moto X at some point in the coming weeks.

Verizon is rumored to launch its Moto X version on August 23.

Thanks, tipster!