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Verizon Moto X coming August 23rd, suggests leaked inventory screen

If a new leaked inventory screenshot is to be believed, it looks like the Moto X will arrive to Verizon on August 23rd. Read on to learn more!
August 6, 2013

moto x motorola broll (5)

Back in July we reported on a leaked Verizon memo that suggested the HTC One would arrive on August 1st, with the Moto X following on August 23rd. The 1st has come and gone with no HTC One, but what about the Moto X? It’s still arriving as scheduled, at least according to an inventory screenshot from an ‘unnamed major retailer’.

Supposedly, the handset is expected to arrive to stores on the 15th, though it won’t actually go on sale until August 23rd. For those keeping track, that’s just three days after the new Moto Droids arrive to Verizon.


It goes without saying that this is a totally unconfirmed report (read: speculation required). While the inventory screen looks real enough, this kinds of inventory listings are easy enough to fake. Even if it really is from a retailer, there is a small chance the date could merely be a placeholder.

With the Moto X and new Motorola Droid series being so similar and launching around the same time, we also have to wonder which line of Moto devices will come out as the true crowd favorite among Verizon subscribers. Which handset would you rather have: the Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini or Droid Maxx?