Moto G GPE

One of the best ‘budget’ Android devices we have ever seen is on sale right now, for a limited time, the Moto G with Verizon badging is going for just $49.99 over at Best Buy. That’s a $50 savings off the normal price.

I have to assume you have heard of the Moto G by now. The phone that Motorola rocked the market with in the last six months. You know the one, it’s got a 4.5-inch display, only has 3G connectivity and a little Snapdragon 400 processor. Yes, that’s the one, the phone that people laughed at for having specs that drastically paled in comparison to the flagship devices on the market. But this little device came out of the gates swinging, and even managed to outperform some of the top dogs in user experience.

Now, aside from the same Android 4.3 that should update to 4.4 when you first turn on your new Moto G, the same Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, the same 1.3MP front & 5MP rear shooters and more, you will notice that the Verizon Moto G only comes with 8GB internal storage and that it can only connect to the Verizon network. If you can live with this, this is the deal for you. If not, you’ll still have to dish out nearly $200 to get the unlocked 16GB version from Motorola, or Google, if you like the benefits of owning a Google Play Edition phone.


We do not want to jump to any conclusions, but this is possibly a move to clear up some inventory to make room for the next rendition of the Moto G. The second take on the Moto G, with LTE and microSD card slot, is just around the corner, but it is still only up for pre-order on Motorola’s website. Either way, at just $50, it is almost worth it to pick up a unit or two just to have kicking around for emergencies. Or to use for one of the many uses we’ve outlined for ‘old’ Android devices.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go place my order now. What about you, is the Verizon Moto G on your list of devices you would like to own?

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