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Leaked internal Verizon docs show new prepaid plan arriving on February 1st

Verizon documents were leaked showing Big Red will be launching new prepaid plans on Febuary 1st.
January 26, 2013
It seems even Verizon is tired of their current prepaid offerings. By most standards, their prepaid plans are pretty expensive and it chases people away to smaller carrier with better rates. Since Verizon is still the largest carrier in the United States, it can be understood how they wouldn’t care about their prepaid business for so long. Some leaked internal documents seem to show that Verizon is ready to change.

According to Phone Arena, the documents show the new prepaid services should be launching February 1st. There are two rate plans mentioned in the document, which is also shown above. The first plan will be unlimited talk and text with 500MB of 3G-only data for $60 a month. For an extra $10, you can increase that to 2GB a month. Good job Verizon for still being prude with your data plans.

There is also a plan to get grandfathered into the new plan. They get the same data, talk, and text as the new plans, but pay the same rate. So, essentially, the current $80 offering gets changed from 1GB a month to 2GB a month, but you still pay $80. Yes, this is $10 more than the new $70 plan and has the exact same features. So our recommendation is don’t get grandfathered in.

While it’s nice that Verizon will be lowering their rates, we feel it won’t do much in the long run. There are both CDMA and GSM carriers that will give you more and let you pay about the same amount or less. So it’s only recommended to check this out if you have a Verizon phone and don’t feel like buying a new one to switch to a new service. Will any Verizon customers be considering this prepaid, 3G only plan?