It’s been what seems like forever since the HTC One first arrived to the market, and yet here we all are, still waiting around for Verizon to release the flagship phone. The good news is that we are now one step closer, as a HTC One sign-up page is now live!

From the looks of it, the Verizon version of the HTC One looks identical to what we’ve seen with other U.S. carriers, with the exception being the Verizon and 4GLTE logo (in case you forget that this is a 4G LTE phone and need the reminder, apparently). Considering this is Verizon, we have to say that the logos really aren’t all that obtrusive on this handset, even if the 4G LTE part is a little unnecessary.

Alright, the information sign-up page is up, but when is this dang phone coming? Verizon is still giving us the ever-so-vague “later this summer” line. Even worse, the rumor mill has turned out enough different dates to make your head spin! At one point, August 1st. Then August 15th, and even some circles suggest August 29th.

Now here’s another date: September 5th.

Where does that one come from? Looking at Verizon’s teaser page (or the image above), you’ll notice the HTC One displays the date of September 5th. That could be a hint, or it could just be a randomly chosen date.

No matter which of these dates prove to be true, summer is almost over, so it shouldn’t be much longer. Are you still waiting on the HTC One or have you turned your sights towards a different upcoming device?

Andrew Grush
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