Verizon HTC One M9 users have been growing tired of waiting for their Android 5.1 update. We have good news for you – it’s finally time for your device to get upgraded, and the manufacturer has decided to hit a few birds with a single stone.

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HTC’s own Mo Versi, VP of product management at HTC, took it to Twitter to tell us Verizon finally approved the Lollipop 5.1 update. He goes on to mention the software will be rolling out starting tomorrow, August 20th.

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Why did it take them so long? Well, we may understand the issue now. It turns out this update comes with more than just the Android 5.1 software. In addition, HTC has added the Stagefright vulnerability patch and enabled bands 3 & 7 (for roaming).

You have heard about the Stagefright weakness that left about 95% of all Android devices susceptible to MMS attacks, right? It was no joke, so it’s good to see most manufacturers got the ball rolling on those patches right away. Now your HTC One M9 from Verizon is protected, as well!

Remember, these updates don’t always show up right away. They are gradually rolled out to all users, so you may not see the notification show up immediately. You could jump into the settings and check for upgrades from time to time, but just try not to smash your screen checking every minute. The update will come!

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