htc one vivid blue aa 10

Recently, HTC unveiled the much-rumored blue version of the HTC One, though the company didn’t detail which markets (and carriers) would be getting it. Based on past rumors, we’ve heard that Verizon and Sprint may both end up with the handset here in the United States. Now it looks like an image of the blue Verizon-branded HTC One has made its way to the net.

The picture below comes courtesy of Android Central, who received it from an unnamed tipster. For those wondering about the color differences, it’s probably just a difference in lighting.

Supposedly the handset has a street day set for today, though calling around to Verizon stores near me, I had no luck in locating it. We also sent in an email to Verizon asking to confirm or deny the arrival date, and will update if and when we hear back.


For now, keep in mind that Verizon has yet to officially announce the blue version of the handset, though it seems pretty hard to deny at this point. What do you think of the Blue color HTC One? Any Verizon customers interested in picking up the handset?

Andrew Grush
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