htc one glacial silver vs stealth black aa fronts stacked

It seems like forever ago that the well-received HTC One first touched down in the U.S., and yet still we wait impatiently for Big Red to get its hands on the device.

A few weeks ago we reported on what appeared to be a leaked Verizon memo suggesting the HTC One would arrive August 1st. With only one day away, Verizon has yet to confirm this rumor. If a leaked doc from Droid Life is correct, that’s because the launch has been pushed back until August 15th.


It’s beyond us why Verizon and HTC would dally any further with this phone.

Maybe they just didn’t want to release it so close to the Moto X’s big day, fearing that the X Phone’s hype would drown any interest in the Verizon version of the HTC One. It’s also possible that HTC and Verizon simply wanted to wait for the rest of the Droid DNA stock to deplete before moving forward .

Either way, with devices like the new Motorola Droids and Moto X on the horizon, anyone out there still interested in getting their hands on the HTC One through Verizon?

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