Verizon and HTC’s Droid Incredible 4G LTE was initially rumored to be released a couple of months ago, but unfortunately, the phone’s launch was pushed back several times. However, the future 4-incher is not yet dead in the water, and, after picking up on a leak that pointed towards a July 5 release date a couple of days ago, HTC pretty much confirmed the information on Twitter.

“Next week, we’ve got some special fun headed your way. We hear it’s going to be INCREDIBLE. “said one of HTC USA’s tweets from earlier today. Hmm, what could that “special fun” possibly be? Well, a new “Incredible Hulk” movie seems out of the question, the new Spider-Man is only “amazing”, so we’re willing to put all our money on an Incredible 4G LTE release next week.

The long-rumored and, once upon a time, much awaited flagship phone was officially announced back in May at CTIA, so we’re thinking (or at least hoping) that the new Incredible 4G LTE will actually start selling next week, and not be once again “unveiled” and/or put up for pre-order.

Then again, this doesn’t exactly feel like the smartest move from Verizon, who should start selling the Galaxy S3 just a few days after the Incredible 4G LTE. And while it’s pretty hard to think that S3 sales will budge due to the release of HTC’s new flagship, the new Incredible might actually have a lot to suffer from this “clash”. Especially if the latest rumors, which state that the 4-incher will start selling at $199.99 (the exact same starting price as the S3) will prove true…

If you need a quick refresher on the future phone’s spec sheet, you can’t find it at this link here. Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section if you consider buying the Droid Incredible 4G LTE, or if it’s simply too late to be interested in the handheld.