Samsung Galaxy S4

Verizon Wireless might be one of the most powerful and widespread carriers in the United States, but life isn’t always perfect for its users. Not only do Verizon customers often have to wait longer for flagship handsets, but even their selection arguably isn’t as great as it could be.

Even worse, Verizon customers were left out completely of the stock-Android party with the Nexus 4, and even the Google Play edition of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are incompatible with the carrier.

The good news is that Verizon Galaxy S4 owners can now get in on the same pure Android experience that is found with the Google Play Edition handsets. An XDA member/developer known as Dubbsy has posted up several Verizon-compatible Android 4.2.2 ROMs, which were all ported from the GPE GS4.

Skimming through comments and feedback, the experience seems to be pretty stable and appears to work fine as a daily runner. There have been some reports of issues with GPS and other minor bugs, but that’s to be expected. As time passes, you can be sure that the modding community will do its best to work out many of these kinks.

To learn more about bringing the GPE experience over to your Verizon Galaxy S4, head over to the XDA developer’s forum. What do you think, would you like to bring the stock Android experience to your GS4, or are you perfectly content with TouchWiz?

Andrew Grush
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