Verizon Wireless pushed out a rather large update on Wednesday that brought a whole host of new features. While the update was overall good news, some are now experiencing severe issues with 4G LTE, such as slowed data speed, says a report from Android Community.

If you haven’t gotten the update yet, it may be wise to hold off until there’s an official fix for the connectivity issues. According to a few tipsters, some people are barely only getting one or two bars on 4G LTE, and while normally you’ll get optimal speeds, it is reported that data speeds have been slowed to a crawl. Others aren’t even getting 4G LTE, as their devices are stuck on 3G connectivity.

Of course, turning on Airplane mode, restarting, or doing a factory reset would be your first thought to fix the issue, however, that doesn’t fix the problem at all. While it may not work for everyone, according to Android Community there’s a potential unofficial fix. Simply head into Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks and change the network mode to LTE/CDMA instead of Global.

Between more camera features, Multi Window, and Mobile Hotspot improvements, the update to Big Red’s Galaxy S3 was very impressive. Let’s just hope Verizon is able to push out a fix quickly so users can enjoy this update without clunky network issues.