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Adam Outler's new "jailbreak" bypasses recent Verizon security fix for Galaxy Note 2

Even though Verizon rolled out a fix for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and rendered old rooting methods defunct, a new working "jailbreak" has been released.
January 28, 2013
galaxy note 2 aa

Only a few days have passed since Verizon released a strange software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that turned out to be a security fix for the Exynos exploit. Pretty much like T-Mobile’s own update, this minor refresh – build number VRALL4 – puts out the old rooting methods for the device out of action. However, developer Adam Outler of XDA Forums has already managed to create a new functional “jailbreak”.

The new rooting method works even when the Verizon update already has been installed. Adam has posted instructions in the forum on how to root the Note 2 via Linux and Windows. Support for Mac is not available at the moment.

As with all rooting processes, there may be issues that could pose a problem to your device should you decide to use the rooting applications indicated in the instructions. Adam himself, who was also behind the original rooting technique that worked before the January 18 OTA update, admits that the exploit and the so called CASUAL program used for the hack are expected to have problems, which he promises to address in future updates.