galaxy note II side by side

It never takes those guys over at XDA Developers long to break into anything it seems, and the Verizson’s Galaxy Note 2 is their latest success. With the bootloader unlocked the Note 2 is now open for more custom ROMs and modifications, so it will be interesting to see what the community decides to so with this technological behemoth. Maybe the celebrated CyanogenMod could see its way over to the device at some point.

Even though we are still awaiting development of ROMs which make use of the unlocked bootloader there are still other perks to loosing the shackles; if you’re into overclocking, in need of a custom recovery or memory partitions then it might be worth taking the plunge. Even managing the current host of ROMs available for rooted phones and getting yourself out of sticky boot problems should be made easier.

If you aren’t fazed by the risks, then there’s a simple step-by-step guide over on the XDA Forums. You’ll need a few of the usual tools, Odin3 and some custom bootloader files, and there’s a little extra work to be done compared with some other handsets, but nothing that should deter seasoned modders. The kind people at XDA have even put up a helpful video to get you though the process if you’re a little unsure.

Robert Triggs
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