Verizon Galaxy Nexus

When you buy a Nexus device, you expect quick upgrades to the latest and greatest compatible version of Android. In most cases, Google has done a good job with this. Unfortunately, Google can only control so much and leaves many of the details up to individual carriers.

Nearly two months after GSM variants were upgraded to Jelly Bean, Sprint finally managed to get the upgrade out to the Nexus on September 6th. Now it is Verizon’s turn. Better late than never, I suppose. The upgrade will roll out in waves starting today and should reach all Verizon Nexus users within two weeks.

How do you upgrade? Normally an OTA like this would simply show up with a prompt telling you about the new version’s availability. For some reason, Verizon has elected to offer this only through WIFI, likely to cut down on data traffic caused by upgrading. To ensure you get the update as quickly as possible, make sure your WIFI is toggled on. After ensuring you are running on WIFI you can always manually check for an upgrade under the “System Updates” section.

Is Jelly Bean worth the update? Yes it certainly is. From faster overall performance to the new “Google Now” search features, there is a lot to love in Android 4.1. Perhaps the jump isn’t as huge as from 2.x to 4.0, but there are still significant changes in stability, ease of use and overall performance.

Does anyone own the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus? Did your update arrive yet?

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