Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Back in November, we wondered out loud about why Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus was still stuck on Android 4.1.1, even though the GSM variant was already sporting Android 4.2.1. Four months on, not only has the Galaxy Nexus reached its end-of-life status on Big Red, but the once flagship device is still stuck on the same version of Jelly Bean.

Given Verizon’s track record, it’s best not to get too excited about the following news, but it looks like Galaxy Nexus owners is about to receive a bundle of surprise.

Answering a question from an irate customer on the company’s Twitter page, one Verizon rep said that the OTA software update will be pushed to the device by none other than Samsung. Funnily enough, Samsung said that they have no information regarding the update.

If the Samsung part isn’t weird enough, notice that the rep didn’t specify whether it’s going to be Android 4.1.2 or something newer instead — the latter is preferred, of course. Plus, it’s never encouraging when reps start to throw around the word “soon”. Here’s hoping that Verizon will take the time to further clarify the Twitter post.

Still hoping for a happy ending?

Bams Sadewo
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