verizon galaxy nexus lte

Google and Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, came out on Verizon as quite expensive, at $300 with a two year contract. Of course it came with 32 GB, while for instance, the 32 GB iPhone 4S costs the same, and it also had LTE, which adds quite a bit to the price. If you remember the first LTE phones, they have 1 GHz processors and they still cost $300.

But the Galaxy Nexus shouldn’t be as expensive as it once was, considering that Google has recently dropped the price to $399 in their Play Store. Now it’s Verizon’s time to drop the price, and, at least for a limited time, you can get the Galaxy Nexus with LTE for only $149 on a two year contract.

In related news, it seems Best Buy is going to stop selling the Galaxy Nexus, as they are labeling it with the “end of life” tag in their inventory. The news is unfortunate, although probably not completely surprising, considering Google is now selling the phones themselves for a pretty low price for such a high-end device. In addition, there are are other more interesting phones right now and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 might have something to do with it as well. Perhaps Best Buy just wants to replace the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus with Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S3.

We’ll you take advantage of Verizon’s latest promo?