The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has proven itself to be capable of withstanding the test of time. Released almost a year ago, this phone is still expected to be first in line every time a new Android update comes out. While the specs are no longer impressive compared to other phones on the market, it is still a solid Android phone that will provide a pure Google experience.

Amazon has just made it easier than ever to own Google’s flagship device. All new Verizon Wireless customers that sign up for service through Amazon’s store can get the phone for just $0.01. Thats right: just one measly penny. If you are an existing customer going for an upgrade, then it will only set you back $29.99. This price will remain constant if you are adding a new line to your plan, as well.

This is a fantastic deal as you are getting a very high end smartphone for next to nothing. Perhaps this is a Amazon’s way of preparing for the next Nexus smartphone from Google. Or maybe it’s just Amazon’s way of saying that the phone has been around long enough to warrant a deep discount.

So, if you’re eager to have a Jelly Bean device with decent specs, then be sure to head over and grab one. Buying one will also set you up for a guaranteed update to Android 4.2 when it finally drops. At this type of pricing it must be pretty hard to resist if you are thinking or becoming a Verizon customer or if you are due for an upgrade.