Receiving a lemon of a Verizon Galaxy Nexus is pain in the tail, but it’s not totally unexpected. If one seems bad enough, imagine receiving more lemons after returning the set and even its replacement to the store. That’s the vicious cycle that many Verizon customers had to go through before scoring a flawless phone.

One of the more commonly known complaints is on the software side of things, where the Galaxy Nexus reportedly would keep losing its 4G signal. This is a problem that has been addressed on the leaked Jelly Bean firmware, but we know how Verizon likes to take it sweet time in rolling out those software updates.

Fortunately, as per a leaked Best Buy internal memo, a software fix is coming for the defective Galaxy Nexus.

It wasn’t specifically mentioned whether Verizon is planning to push out the JRO03O firmware, aka Jelly Bean, for the Galaxy Nexus or if it’s just a small update to fix the radio problem. Whatever it is, Big Red is apparently going to push the OTA update to the phones starting on September 14 – so frustrated Galaxy Nexus owners will have something to look forward to at the start of the week.

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