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If Verizon gave you a free iPhone, would you switch?

We're asking Android users if they would swap to iPhone if the device were free. Would you?
December 20, 2019

Back in the days of yore, the battle between iPhone and Android burned as fiercely as the animosity between Mac and Windows users the decade prior.

But we live in more civilized times. Nowadays, many users who were once hardcore Android buffs live and work on Apple operating systems. Hell, some members of the Android Authority team even type on Macs and text on iPhones (although not me personally, because I have integrity).

The truth remains: the old fires have died, or at least calmed dramatically. The “sameification” of the mobile landscape has many users ditching flagships entirely, opting for good enough mid-rangers that cost a fraction of the price. Today odds are good your smartphone, no matter what it is, takes good pictures, can run any of the games you want to play, and the factors that significantly differentiate it from other models are little more than window dressing.

Is a free iPhone enough to get you to switch from Android to iOS?

That core operating system, perhaps, remains the last great distinguisher.

At Android Authority, we do our best to showcase any worthwhile deals we come across, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t point this one out — even if it means you might need to jump ship.

From now until Christmas, Verizon is offering you a free iPhone XR if you switch to them on an unlimited plan.

In case you’re not in the know, the iPhone XR boasts a 6.1-inch screen with 1,792 x 828 resolution. It’s powered by the A12 Bionic CPU and has storage options of 64, 128, and 256GB. The rear camera is a 12MP offering, and the front camera is 7MP. For the style-inclined, your color options are Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral, and Red.

You’ll get all this for the low, low price of free if you make the switch to Verizon. You do need to bring an existing number from another carrier, so new lines on existing accounts won’t fly here.

Normally we don't cover iPhone offers, but this one got us thinking...

We’ve covered a lot of tempting deals from carriers this year, but Verizon might be pulling out the biggest guns we’ve seen by offering an iPhone on the house to get more customers. Even hardcore Android enthusiasts may find that option tempting.

It seems like operating systems matter less and less to the general user, and many people find the “it just works” ease of the Apple ecosystem alluring. Sure, we were at each other’s throats for years, but if the cost isn’t a factor, who’s going to turn down a free phone?

With Verizon asking if a free phone might tempt you to switch carriers, we thought now would be a good time to ask: is a free iPhone enough to get you to switch from Android to iOS?

Cast your vote in the poll below, and click the button for more information about Verizon’s offer! Remember, this offer only lasts until December 25, so if you’re on the fence then the pressure is on.

Would you swap to iPhone if the iPhone was free?

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