Verizon recently filed a trademark application for “Hologram,” which stirred rumors about a new handset device with 3D capabilities from the said company. No further information was provided, but rumors has it that Verizon might produce either an entirely new 3D phone or an upgrade of handsets we have seen before.

AT&T and Sprint were the first ones to launch the 3D phones in the U.S. without the need for glasses such as HTC Evo 3D and LG Thrill. It was disappointing, thoug,h that these phones didn’t live up to the expectations in terms of sales, but Verizon may have felt the need to catch up with the other providers in terms of technology. Hence, the possible launching of a Verizon 3D phone.

There are no indications, however, if indeed it is going to be a smartphone.  For all we know, Verizon might work on tablets instead. Rumor also has it that the company might possibly rebrand a previous version of a smartphone to bring it back into the mainstream.

“Hologram” might not even mean 3D handsets for Verizon.  Perhaps it was meant to be a phone that has powerful processors or with 3D IPS displays. Then again, Verizon might surprise us soon with a truly superb stereoscopic smartphone.

Would you consider buying a 3D smartphone when Verizon does launch one?