Verizon Wireless

The frontier of carrier subsidies is changing a bit, and that’s a good thing. While AT&T’s scam came as no surprise, this new plan from Verizon does. To be quite blunt, we expected something along the lines of AT&T’s complicated and corrupted model from Verizon. What we get is something much more dignified.

This is a win-win, and a pleasant surprise from the nation’s largest carrier.

Verizon’s Edge plan is pretty straightforward and simple, and actually kind of tears down the walls between you and your carrier a bit. When you look at the plan for what it is, the honesty is there. There is a concise clarity to this model we don’t always get from Verizon, making Edge a really refreshing choice.

It works out really simply: pick a phone, and a month-to-month service plan. The cost of the device is spread out over 24 months, and you can upgrade after 6 months. So long as half the retail cost of the phone is paid after that 6 month threshold, you’re free to start all over again with a new device, or simply walk away. There are no mysterious monthly fees, or painfully long waiting periods for upgrade. There is no early termination fee, and All of Verizon’s “Share Everything” plans are eligible, too.

You may want a new phone after 6 months, and Verizon doesn’t want to lose money. If you’ve paid half the cost of the device, everyone leaves happy. You didn’t get locked into some draconian contract for two years, and Verizon doesn’t end up taking it on the chin because you’re addicted to bleeding edge technology. This is a win-win, and a pleasant surprise from the nation’s largest carrier.

It takes effect on August 25th, so if you’re shopping for a new device and plan, check this out before making a decision. For a carrier that gets so many things wrong, this plan is all kinds of right.