Motorola might not have been in the spotlight as of late, but Google’s subsidiary is certainly trying to change that. And we all know you don’t just need a great product to get back in such a difficult game, but also huge marketing efforts, which is exactly what Moto seems to be doing.

Less than 24 hours after spotting the alleged international version of the soon to be released Razr HD in some leaked photos, the phone’s Verizon counterpart now stars in its own set of pics. And while we could suspect the first leak to have come from sources untied with Moto’s advertising team, this second one smells like marketing from a mile.

The pics seem to show off a version of the phone that is closer to a production unit, with a much more polished and clean design. The photos are also a bit higher-quality, so chances are this is the real deal.

Aside from the phone’s design, which looks far better and more sophisticated than the international version, with a beautiful back wrapped in Kevlar, the photos don’t reveal much that we didn’t already know or suspect about the Droid Razr HD. The handheld’s name is now just about confirmed, we also know that it’ll be coming with 4G LTE connectivity, Android 4.0.4, on-screen navigation keys, and a 720p Colorboost display similar with what we saw on the Atrix HD.

Moto’s future flagship, now expected to come in just a few weeks, will most likely be powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, though these recent photos don’t reveal anything about this particular detail. The pics also shed no light on the phone’s battery, which was rumored earlier to be on-par with the Razr Maxx’s 3,300 mAh “monster”, but mentioned in FCC’s approval documents to have only a 2,530 mAh.

So, now that the Droid Razr HD is just about confirmed, is anyone seriously thinking of getting it?

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