In case you missed the AFC and NFC Championship games last night, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants are headed to the Super Bowl ( a rematch of the 2007 Super Bowl when Tom Brady and Patriots were undefeated and lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl). Verizon has been working hard to expand their network to be able to handle the traffic in the Indianapolis area during the week of the Super Bowl including deploying 3 COW’s (Cells on Wheels).

In addition to Verizon deploying the 3 COW’s they have also installed 400 Mobile Antennas to handle texts and calls. As well as 600 Wifi stations for data. All of this with Verizon’s already fast 4G LTE network in the Indianapolis area will make checking emails, etc., while you’re in Indianapolis that much faster and easier. Gotta Be Mobile has a breakdown of Verizon’s setup in the video below.

Are you going to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl this year? Who’s your pick to be the Super Bowl 46 Champion? Hit up the comments and let us know.