Yesterday we posted exciting news saying Verizon has confirmed through Computerworld that the mobile carrier will start shipping out the Samsung Galaxy S II some time in July.

The Verizon spokeswoman who tipped off Computerworld apparently got herself confused over the info. What she meant to confirm was the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, rather than the Samsung Galaxy S II, on the Verizon network this July.

This throws back into the air the Samsung Galaxy S II’s release date on Verizon. Although the Verizon spokeswoman did confirm the release sked of the Galaxy Tab, she did not confirm that the Galaxy S II will not be coming out in July. It is possible that the two Galaxies will start swirling on Verizon in July.

You’re as excited about the Galaxy S II as almost any other Android fan, and I’ll go out on a limb here with speculation as to why Computerworld’s Verizon source advertently or inadvertently confirmed the Galaxy S II’s release at first.

If the info was an honest typo on her part, it was obviously a case of a slip of the tongue (or, a slip of the finger, if you prefer a more accurate expression). The two Samsung devices share “Galaxy” in common, but the “S” key in “S II” is just too distant from the “T” key in “Tab 10.1.” She possibly intended to type “Galaxy Tab 10.1,” but her deeper subconscious was actually thinking “Galaxy S II.” And, her subconscious took over her fingers at the keyboard. Does that explanation sound far-fetched? It probably is, huh?

Another possible explanation would be that of a marketing ploy. A spokesperson officially speaks on behalf of someone else, and usually doesn’t have much privilege to blurt out mistaken or erroneous statements. My opinion, then, is that Verizon’s spokeswoman may have deliberately announced the confirmation for the Galaxy S II, and thereafter took it back–all part of a marketing ploy to create more interest in the already-interesting superphone. The Samsung Galaxy S II is an intensely desired gadget, undoubtedly because of its awesome hardware capabilities. Veiling its release date in secrecy does drum up the intensity of the lust for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

But, then again, your guesses are as good as mine. The possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S II’s coming out on Verizon this July remains. Why don’t these U.S. carriers just give us official word already? That way, we can decide early on which carrier to go with when we start parting with our money.