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Verizon claims that their Internet TV service is coming in 2015

Verizon plans to offer an Internet TV service in mid-2015.
September 12, 2014
Intel TV Controller

Last year, Intel was hyping their upcoming subscription broadband live TV service. Through press releases, Intel claimed that they would revolutionize the TV industry and succeed where others had failed. Then Intel ran into the exact same issue that Google, Sony, Microsoft and Apple face with this type of technology: content licensing restrictions.

In fact, Intel did not sign a single content deal and ended up selling their service to Verizon for $500 million. Verizon already offers Red Box yet that has so far failed to make a significant dent in the streaming industry due to Verizon’s struggles in getting a significant amount of the broadcast industry to agree to licensing deals needed to make a internet video service successful. Yet, Verizon still plans to offer an Internet TV service in mid-2015.

The telco expects by mid-2015 it will offer mobile users a “bundle with major broadcast providers” plus a collection of “custom channels,” Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said today at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference. “It’s the Big 4 for sure, and I would tell you that the very exciting part of this is some of the digital media out of the West Coast” including DreamWorks Annimation’s AwesomenessTV “that really goes after the millenials. It’s targeted content.”…”“There’s no doubt in my mind we can make it a win-win….Over the last six months to a year that dialogue has changed dramatically.” – Deadline

McAdam says Verizon is still talking to big content providers and that one of the reasons for this big push is due to his belief that the days of the pay TV bundle are numbered.

One thing to keep any eye on is how Verizon moves forward with this internet TV service and how it works with their LTE service. Verizon likely wants to see their wireless users eat up data on such a internet service which would allow Verizon to receive even more usage/overages fees from those customers.