Indeed, it has been a great holiday season for many of us. New phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and Droid Razr have been wrapped in gift boxes, as well as new accessories. So many new things are changing.

Starting January 15, even more new lifestyles will be set. However, it is not the “nice” kind of change we are accustomed to. Verizon, once again, will be squeezing out more money from consumers who decide to pay over the phone or through online payment

Now, isn’t this a little ridiculous? Big Red claims that it will help the company “support the payment methods.” Well, obviously it isn’t support towards the customers of Verizon, and what happened to all the money ringed in over the holiday season?

If you are worried about this, there are still many options to avoid the inconvenience of this fee. You can pay with a paper check, sent to the VZW remit address via USPS, electronic check, or in store. There are also a variety of other options found in the imge above.

Honestly, the carrier should be giving something back to consumers, after the terrible idea to rid of unlimited data for new contract signers.

So, what do you think? Will you prowl the online streets of Twitter and other social networks to protest in favor of terminating the extra fee? I would love to hear your comments, and also Happy New Year!

Will G.
I am a huge fan of Android. Almost being with Android Authority for close to a year, it is really nice to see new, talented writers embrace the "Android Dream" with the group of writers we have. My role at Android Authority is currently as a writer, to accompany my past skills in editing and reviewing top products for this site. I now sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.