On the heels of their Edge plan option, Verizon has been roundly criticized for not reducing the cost of their monthly service plans. Pundits see this as paying a monthly cost for the device, as well as a built-in subsidy rolled into the plan itself. Verizon’s CFO seems unfazed by such criticism, noting the nation’s largest carrier would not be altering their structure in any way.

Fran Shammo, the aforementioned CFO of Verizon, said very plainly “We will not touch our service pricing” when prompted to comment on whether or not Verizon would alter their pricing scheme to suit the Edge offering. Shammo plainly and flatly told us what we knew all along: Verizon isn’t interested in saving us money.

Shammo went on to say Verizon doesn’t expect many will take advantage of Edge, which may have foreshadowed their decision to so rigidly stick to their current pricing. For a company that was so fond of T-Mobile’s offering months ago, they’ve taken a very wait-and-see approach to this new frontier.

As we mentioned previously, Verizon is just the latest in the line of carriers making a very passing attempt at transparency in pricing. It’s fair, but not ideal, and Verizon seems to be okay with that.

Are you?