Well, Verizon is bringing new phone to US shores. The LG Enlighten will soon be added to the rolls of Verizon. It’s a pretty nice looking phone and this may tempt quite a few buyers to picking it up. This new Android phone is LG’s “Optimus Slider” unit and has been under development under the codename of Gelato Q. So what does it exactly bring to the table in terms of being a phone. Well, for those folks hoping to get a high-powered phone, it’s a bit of a disappointment. It would be best to chalk it up as a mid-level phone with the specs that it is packing.

So what exactly it is packing? Well, first of all, it uses an 800 MHz CPU – which is fairly decent. Surprisingly, the chip can run Gingerbread, which is the phone’s OS. The next salient feature of the phone is that it has a slide-out keyboard. This isn’t just any slide-out keyboard; the QWERTY standard keyboard is big and has larger keys. Next, is the multi-touch screen. You may think it overkill, but it provides an alternate Android keyboard if you do not want to slide out the big one. It’s also got improved power management – letting you take and make calls longer and be able to fiddle around with the WiFi/3G supplied Internet.

Overall, it’s a decent phone and should be available in Verizon plan within the month. So if you’re looking for something dependable and are hankering for a Verizon account, this baby might be in the plans for you.

Source: Pocketnow

Aerol Bibat
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