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Verizon to begin rollout of VoLTE, HD voice in the 'coming weeks'

Verizon's VoLTE launch will be nationwide.
August 27, 2014

VoLTE has been a hot topic for all major wireless carriers in 2014. Now, after months of talk, Verizon has announced that they will officially start rolling out their voice-over LTE (VoLTE) service in the next few weeks. As The Verge notes, VoLTE has already been launched in limited markets by AT&T and nationwide by T-Mobile.

Verizon’s VoLTE launch will be nationwide but will be restricted to select devices and require customers to opt-in to use VoLTE. If a Verizon customer has LTE service (and the correct device and opted in), they should be able to access the VoLTE service when it is officially rolled out.

Verizon has not released details of which devices will be immediately able to receive VoLTE service although a software update will be necessary to enable to VoLTE service.

I was able to test Verizon’s VoLTE, HD voice, and video calling services (Verizon is referring to the whole package as “Advanced Calling 1.0”) in New York City on an LG G2 that had been updated to work with VoLTE. Calls over VoLTE were significantly better sounding, without the audio compression and distant feeling that most cellular calls have. Switching between a VoLTE call and a standard CDMA call was like night and day, with the VoLTE call just sounding a whole lot better. I’m not convinced that it will make me actually start using my phone for voice calls again, but if I had to, I’d choose a VoLTE call over traditional cellular any day of the week. – TheVerge

Verizon continues to state that they have no plans to shut down its CDMA network any time soon.