It seems that the FCC and Department of Justice are very close to approving Verizon AWS spectrum acquisition. For those that haven’t been following, the AWS spectrum is being purchased from various cable companies for a sum of $3.9 billion. In order to get the AWS spectrum purchase approved, Verizon has had to agree to a couple of major provisions first. This includes divesting some of its spectrum to T-Mobile and even agreeing to sell off some of the 700MHz spectrum if the deal is fully approved.

What does Verizon have to gain from acquiring the AWS spectrum? Essentially they believe it will offer improved LTE products and services, and it seems they are willing to go through all the red tape needed to make sure the deal goes through smoothly.

As far as selling parts of the 700MHz spectrum goes, Verizon has already revealed that there are sixty-four companies expressing active interest in buying its 700MHz lower A and B block spectrum, including AT&T and U.S. Cellular.

While the purchase is not yet formally official, it seems more than likely that it is going to go through without a hitch. Verizon’s extreme cooperation in all of the FCC’s terms shows that they truly have big plans and intentions for the spectrum once the deal goes through.