Over the last year or so, Verizon has been gobbling up all the AWS spectrum the company can get its hands on but hasn’t done much with it. This all changes soon, as the first AWS devices are scheduled for this July, with 5000 AWS-enabled LTE sites by the year’s end.

The news comes by way of Verizon’s CTO Nicola Palmer in an interview with Fierce Wireless, where Palmer detailed out their AWS plans going forward. Palmer indicated that outside of this year’s plans, they will continue to rollout AWS support into next year and will continue launching devices that can use AWS frequencies.

Palmer didn’t mention specific handsets or manufacturers that will make use of the spectrum, though it sounds like AWS devices will work with both AWS and the existing 700MHz LTE frequency that Verizon has built its impressive LTE network on so far.

So what does this mean for the 700MHz rollout and why should you care? Palmer says Verizon will be finished with its 700MHz rollout by the middle of this year, which means they are basically almost done with that phase of their LTE expansion.

The reason you should care about AWS is that Verizon is already the best choice for LTE coverage in the United States, but thanks to their second phase of expansion via AWS, a good thing is going to turn into a great thing. By the end of this year Verizon boasts that it will have 90 percent of the country covered with LTE service, which is certainly years ahead of its competitors.

Whether you love Verizon or not, it is hard to deny that they are clearly ahead of the game when it comes to high-speed mobile access.

Andrew Grush
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