After a few years of development, tons of commercials, and a lot of patient waiting, 4G LTE is finally here, for Verizon customers at least. And although not everyone is seeing the “up to 10x faster speeds”, I assure you LTE has landed.

During my trip to New York City over the weekend, I was sure that my Galaxy Nexus would be picking up LTE speeds. Using Ookla’s application, I tested my data download and upload speeds numerous times. The results varied depending on my location, but no matter where I was, it was easy to see difference between 3G and 4G. More specifically, once you hit a 4G zone, your almost guaranteed speeds over 3 mb/s. Therefore, going from page to page in your browser, downloading apps and video, and going on Facebook, all become quicker and easier. Now, with 4G speeds, the only thing holding back your phone from being instant, is you processor. So without further ado, below is a list of the 7 tests I ran on my way into the city and in the city.

Latitude and Longitude

F – 40.90577 -74.09794
E – 40.75933 -73.98077
D – 40.74953 -73.98814
C – 40.73021 -73.99228
B – 40.73362 -73.99356
A – 40.73060 -74.00219

Are you getting 4G speeds? Compare your results to mine in the comments below.