3D print prototype

Are you feeling rather generous and, at the same time, looking for a practical way to hold your gadget still while watching movies (among other things)? Look no further than what the team of Unique Design Solutions has to offer in their Kickstarter project: Vavo – a universal stand and mount that is compatible with any Android, iPhone and a whole bunch of other devices.

You can use the Vavo as more than just as a kickstand solution in various angles. You can also use it to mount your Android phone on flat vertical surfaces. Perhaps the webcam on your laptop is broken? Use the Vavo to securely attach your phone to the laptop so you need not miss that important Skype video conference. Did we mention that with Vavo you can also mount your device on the wall? No magnets or nails required, naturally, as the Vavo does it all. If you have a hard time picturing this, perhaps this video will give some assurance of how well it works.

Another thing that makes Vavo special is its specially formulated sticky pad – though the body itself is made from hard plastic. The sticky pad works better than any magnet or suction cups would, apparently. What’s even better is that it leaves no marks and residues. You can easily move the Vavo from one spot to the next.

There’s some limit as to what device the Vavo can hold. For one, we’re pretty sure that a 10-inch tablet is out of the picture. But hey, it’s compatible with a lot of Android phones, the iPhones, and reasonably-sized digital cameras.

If you’re impressed with what you’ve read and seen of the Vavo, head down to their Kickstarter page and make your pledge. For a $10 pledge, you’ll get one injection-molded Vavo (free shipping in the US). If you pledge at least $27, you’ll get three of them delivered. The estimated shipping date is October 2012.

Bams Sadewo
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