From computers to mobile devices and the Internet, we lead lives that are very much centered around modern technology. In turn, technology brands continue to grow in importance. The biggest evidence of this change can be seen by taking a gander at Interbrand’s list of 100 most valuable brands in the world.

For thirteen years, Interbrand has been compiling this list, using financial performance and other factors to determine brand value. What’s so special about this year? For the first time ever, Coca Cola is no longer at the very top of the list. Apple is now ranked first, with Google following closely as the second most valuable brand.

Just glancing at the list above, you’ll notice that tech companies clearly dominate the top 10 list, with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel all making it to the top ten.

[quote qtext=”Brands like Apple and Google and Samsung are changing our behavior: how we buy, how we communicate with each other, even whether we speak with each other. They have literally changed the way we live our lives.” qperson=”Jez Frampton” qsource=”Global chief executive at Interbrand” qposition=”center”]

For us Android fans, the biggest takeaway is that two important players in the Android world place in the top ten, with Google in second and Samsung in eighth place. As Android continues to kick butt and take names, we wonder how much longer it will be before Apple drops behind Google on the list. We also wonder if Samsung will soon find itself ranking within the top 5 most valuable brands.

With Android continuing to spread its influence across the globe, we’d say its bound to happen sooner or later.

Andrew Grush
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