uTorrent for Android (Photo credit: Janko Roettgers / GigaOM)

Downloading files and media through BitTorrent used to be the realm of desktop computers, but with mobile broadband and unlimited data plans, users now have another way to download through the protocol — uTorrent for Android.

BitTorrent Inc. has released the Android client in beta, and it offers functionalities that are good enough for basic peer-to-peer file sharing on mobile devices:

  • Search functionality
  • Subscription to RSS feeds for serialized downloads
  • Upload and download limits

GigaOM notes that the search feature just takes you to a Google search, which means users might have difficulty finding .torrents (especially with Google cracking down on illegal download sites). Still, it’s good enough as a basic Torrent client. It can be noted that BitTorrent launched support for mobile device syncing in uTorrent last year, but that alpha release did not allow transfers straight from the mobile device.

BitTorrent says it plans to offer access to faetured legal content straight from the uTorrent mobile client. There is no word, though, on when this can be implemented, and whether BitTorrent will be partnering with content providers for the delivery of music, movies and other content straight to Android devices.

uTorrent is available as a free download on Google Play. The great thing with having a Torrent app on your mobile is that you can use your data plan for downloading big files without a tethering plan. Just make sure you stay within your bandwidth limits, and that your carrier won’t throttle down your speeds for excessive use.

If uTorrent is not enough for you, check out other BitTorrent clients available for Android.