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USPTO Patent Chief calls it quits after claiming the patent system isn't broken

December 1, 2012
For our regular readers, you may remember our report about the absurd claims of Patent Chief David Kappos. The USPTO Patent Chief had claimed that the patent system wasn’t broken. Moreover, that it was working pretty well. For most, the phrase, “CAT scan” immediately came to mind.

It is on that note that David Kappos announced that he is resigning from the USPTO director position. Come this January, Mr. Kappos will be stepping down from the USPTO and someone new will take the stage. For the time being, there is no word on who will be replacing him at the top.

During his reign, David Kappos is known for a few things. He was in charge for the entire course of the mobile patent wars. He was in charge when Apple filed for those ridiculous patents and then got them. Among Android fans, he isn’t the most popular.

However, Engadget reports that he may have done some good. Not as many people may know, but David Kappos and the USPTO did some work to help the America Invents Act get passed. That will help get some patents in faster.

Will David Kappos have any lasting impressions on the USPTO?

It won’t be known what effects Kappos had on USPTO policy until long after he’s left office. Much like other government officials, a lot of Kappos’ work won’t take effect for awhile. It will also depend on who succeeds Kappos. The new guy may very well take the USPTO in a different direction than Kappos.

There is a lot of uncertainty with all of this. At least with Kappos, people knew what they were getting out of the USPTO. With a new person coming in, the system could go in virtually any direction. Is Kappos’ resigning a good thing? Let us know your thoughts on all this.