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Walk While Using Your Phone with Transparent Screen

February 10, 2012

Among the biggest problems of people who use their smartphones while walking is bumping into things, tripping, and even falling into potholes (yes, it happens!). So as an answer to this, an app has been created under the name of Transparent Screen. The app allows you to use your phone while walking so you don’t get yourself into an accident.

Although it really isn’t something new to boast of, Transparent Screen has a different approach for usability. Instead of just focusing on texting and walking, the app turns each user’s entire Android experience into a translucent one. Compared to other apps that provide this feature, Transparent Screen works on any part of the OS—even if you’re reading email.

So how does it work? The app works by activating your phone’s rear-facing camera. You then have to choose the level of transparency you are comfortable with. However, users have reported that sticking to just one transparency level is difficult; especially with apps which require more transparency. In addition to this, the video quality is recommended to be set on the lowest settings so that you can see clearly.

With your phone constantly on your hands, this app is surely one that will revolutionize the way you do things!