There’s no need to bring a charger daily for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus once you get a hold of this new battery pack rated at 3800mAh. It’s even better than Samsung’s improved battery for the Nexus, which was at 2100mAh.

The downside is you have to attach the extended battery at the back of your device, which definitely affects the Nexus’ sleek looks by a notch or two. So if form factor is at the top of your priority chart, better stick to the stock battery.

The extended battery comes from Seidio and will set you back $69.99. You also lose NFC support, but if it’s extra juice you’re after then this battery pack will indeed be a keeper and could give your Galaxy Nexus around 2 days of above average usage.

While it adds additional bulk on your phone, it sure beats having to worry if you brought your charger with you or not.


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