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Samsung wants to give you $30 if you fall into a weirdly specific category of user

Samsung apparently has a lot of people who have registered for Samsung Pay, but who aren't using it. Now they're throwing money at these slackers to get them off the couch.
April 14, 2016
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

So Samsung is well aware that the smartphone market is in a global state of cool-down. Perhaps that’s why they’re pressing some of their other markets and services so aggressively. Samsung Pay is a big item on this list, and the Korean company has been pushing hard to make it the go-to method of payment for owners of their smartphones. The only problem is, although the feature is popular among the tech-savvy elite, the mass market has yet to pick it up with such aplomb. That’s why Samsung is throwing yet another $30 gift card at people who use their card-free payment system.

Get $30 when you use Samsung Pay on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

However, there’s kind of a bizarre catch on this one. Whereas previous offers focused on coercing people to download and use the service, this one is only concerned with convincing you to use it. In fact, if you haven’t downloaded Samsung Pay yet, you’re kind of out of the game. Also, if you’re already an active user, you aren’t getting that thirty bucks either.

That’s right. This offer is extended only to people who have downloaded and registered for Samsung Pay but who haven’t actually made a purchase with it yet. Reading between the lines, it would seem like the company has a lot of people who have registered for the service but who haven’t actually put it to use yet. The company wants to get these people off the digital couch and into anywhere with a cash register, phone in hand.

To cash in on this offer, all you have to do is use Pay three times between April 15 and May 10. These purchases can be for any amount. Once you’ve done this, Samsung will send you a digital $30 gift card to the establishment of your choice: Best Buy, eBay, Gamestop, or Regal Entertainment. Check out the official promo page for further stipulations and requirements, then let us know what you think of this offer in the comments below!

Samsung Pay is now live in China