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US Mobile deal: Get up to$30 off your SIM card and first month of service!

A hot new deal from US Mobile started today, giving you $15 off your SIM card and first month of service.
August 26, 2019
US Mobile Starter Kit with two SIM cards

With a number of prepaid carriers fighting for your attention, US Mobile stands out for its simple and flexible plans. Want to see for yourself what we’re talking about? Use our exclusive code to get 50% off your first three months of coverage for up to $30 off!

That’s great! Wait, what’s US Mobile?

Glad you asked! US Mobile is an MVNO with coverage on America’s best networks. That means you get access to T-Mobile and Verizon’s networks, two of the best U.S. networks available. Why only stick with one when US Mobile lets you mess around with two of the best?

US Mobile is also an MVNO with incredible flexibility. You are free to customize your plan with up to 4,000 minutes, 4,000 text messages, and 3GB of data. You can also pick as little as 40 minutes, 40 text messages, and 100MB of data for just $6 each month.

If you want to keep things simple, US Mobile offers three unlimited plans. Along with unlimited talk and text, you can get 5GB, 10GB, or unlimited data. You can even pick how fast you want the plan to be: 1Mbps, 5Mbps, or no limits.

Best of all, you’re not paying through the nose. Even with unlimited data with no speed limits, you’re only paying $55 each month. 

I’m sold! What do I do now?

The first order of business is to buy your US Mobile Starter Kit. At checkout, make sure to use promo code AAUTHACT.

Using the promo code above will get you up to $30 off your first 3 months with US Mobile. After selecting a plan and entering the code you’ll get 50% off up to $10/mo leading to a maximum savings of $30.

Once you activate the SIM card and choose your plan, you should see the remaining credit applied to your account on the dashboard. While you’re looking at your dashboard, feel free to adjust your plan as you see fit, check out your balance, and enable auto-pay for automatic payments.

This is a limited-time offer, so make sure to hit the button below to check it out for yourself.

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