With a phone as big as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it should really come with a warning on how it can burn a big hole on your wallet — although it depends on where the purchase is made. Unlike some other carriers, US Cellular has been putting up the Galaxy Note 2 for pre-order at the more standard pricing of $300 with a two-year contract.

If you’ve been waiting anxiously to hear about the Note 2’s shipment dates, the regional carrier has announced that it will be shipping the handset for pre-order customers today, October 25th.

Those who thought that they have missed the pre-order boat will be happy to hear that it hasn’t actually left yet. You can still pre-order the Galaxy Note 2 on US Cellular, but you only have until today to do so. Alternatively, you can wait for the device to hit their brick-and-mortar stores on October 26th. Only the 16GB Titanium Grey model is up for grabs, though.

The cost to purchase the Galaxy Note 2 without a contract is $800. Hence, we suggest buying it off-contract elsewhere if you want to save a few hundred bucks.

Have you pre-ordered your Galaxy Note 2 yet?