In light of the recent attacks on European soil, US carriers are extending free service to those attempting to contact friends and loved ones in Belgium. This relief service includes both calls and texts, and will last not only today, but over the next few, depending on your carrier.

AT&T is offering free calls and text messages to Belgium from today through March 28th, and Sprint’s offer extends through March 31. Verizon’s extension of free services only lasts until tomorrow, but they are also retroactively making free any US calls or texts to Turkey from March 19 to 20. T-Mobile is making free all US calls to Turkey as well from March 19 to the 22, and for Belgium calls the offer lasts from today through March 25.

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This isn’t the first time US carriers have made it easier to contact reach out to loved ones in the aftermath of disaster. The companies offered a similar service after the Paris attacks. Although you may not be the biggest fan of your mobile carrier, it’s good to know they’ve got your back with a human touch when things really get bad.

Have you been affected by the recent attacks in Belgium? Let us know what your experience has been like in the comments, and please extend courtesy and encouragement to those dealing with the aftershocks of violence today.

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