Frequent travelers, especially those who often find themselves country-hopping, may find a friend in the newly released Uros Goodspeed. The device offers an alternative to roaming charges in the form of a mobile hotspot with slots for up to 10 SIM cards.

The Uros Goodspeed is a HSPA+ router that offers a maximum data transfer of 1GB per day. The device itself costs around $350, and offers different fees depending on how often data is used. Travelers who only need to use the Goodspeed occasionally can pay daily for as little as $8 per day. Those who travel more often can opt for the monthly fee, starting at $13 per month.

The advantage to all those SIM slots is that the device can automatically select the proper SIM for you as you travel, offering a hassle-free data connection. The Goodspeed currently only supports Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the UK, but Uros states that more European countries are on the way. They hope to begin offering global coverage sometime in the future.

The Goodspeed is roughly the size and weight of a cell phone, and is charged through a USB connection. The battery lasts up to one week in standby mode, and can be used for up to eight hours before requiring charging.

Thought it may be handy, it is likely that the Uros Goodspeed is going to see a small customer base, mainly those who travel near-constantly. For the rest of us, it is probably easier just to carry of few SIMs and swap them manually, or just deal with the roaming charges.

Does the Uros Goodspeed seem useful to you, or would you use a different solution for mobile data while travelling?