transit-androidGoogle have just announced an upgrade to Google Maps for Android. Not only have they fixed the bugs with latitude, but they have also added a bunch of new features. These include things like searching Google Maps with just your voice. Furthermore, you need not specify the exact address; a simple item such as “windsurfing” will do the trick.

According to Google, the voice recognition software they use understands English in a number of accents, including American, British and Australian. I am very interested to see how it copes with regional accents. For example, many British regional accents are more pronounced in their dissimilarities with other English accents when compared to cross national accents differences. Nonetheless, its great news.

Google have further improved their transit walking directions, allowing you to get directions via walking and public transport in up to 250 cities. Walking directions include pedestrian only pathways and similar short cuts. However, one of the biggest improvements comes in the form of Latitude for Android enhancements. Now Latitude will update when running in the background flawlessly. On top of this is a new feature to Latitude called “Updates”, where you can chat with your friends in a twitter type of fashion.

To get hold of all of these updates and improvements, you will have to manually download the latest version as it will not be ‘pushed’ to your phone.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.