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Leaked screenshots of Samsung’s updated S Voice app appear

Sammobile has shared its first look at Samsung’s updated S Voice application, which is expected to arrive with the new Galaxy S5.
February 5, 2014
galaxy s4 vs xperia z s4 s voice aa

Today Sammobile has shared its first look at Samsung’s updated S Voice application, as part of the company’s upcoming revision to its Touchwiz interface and accompanying software. Leaks of updated versions of Samsung’s S Health and WatchON applications have appeared recently as well.

For those who don’t own a Samsung handset, S Voice is Samsung’s voice control app, similar to Google’s own voice command software or third party apps like Vlingo. The new version of S Voice is expected to appear in upcoming devices, such as the hotly anticipated Galaxy S5.

Before we touch on the functionality, Samsung has clearly made a couple cosmetic changes to the app. Gone are the blues and drab greys from previous versions, instead Samsung has opted for a much brighter theme, the app now looks much “flatter” as well. Interestingly, the pastel color scheme and flat design shares many similarities to Samsung’s new Magazine UX user interface, so perhaps the new Touchwiz will looking something like this as well.

Samsung S Voice old vs new
Out with the old (top) in with the new (bottom). Although we can’t tell if the update is purely cosmetic or if Samsung has included any new features.

First reports indicate that the new S Voice is a fair bit faster than its predecessors, in terms of voice detection. However, it appears that the app is still lagging behind Google’s offering when it comes to distinguishing between accents.

It’s difficult to say if Samsung has added much in the way of new commands or functionality, the options appear much the same as the current version, but we should know more about Samsung’s updated software in the near future.