Alongside the introduction of Galaxy Note 2, Samsung has announced the availability of a new Software Development Kit for the S Pen. The S Pen SDK 2.2 should help developers bring several features found on the Galaxy Note 2 to other S Pen-touting devices, the original Note included. The updated SDK contains new UX scenario, context awareness, and expanded drawing tools.

Of note is the tool that allows apps to recognize the S Pen even when there’s no physical contact between the stylus and the screen. In other words, you can simply hover the pen over the device to trigger certain actions.

Available only for the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 is the ability the launch preset features when the S Pen is detached or when the earphone is attached.  As for the expanded doodling tools, a new calligraphy brush has been added to the list of pen input, and there are new color filling features, 33 image effects, an improved UI, and more.

With Samsung doing its part by releasing the new S Pen SDK, the ball is now on the devs’ court to try and create some more advanced apps for the Note series.

Bams Sadewo

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