New pictures have been scouted of the HTC Supersonic and Bravo showing off more detail and less blurriness than previous reports.  The HTC Supersonic, said to be packing HD2 like specs with a Snapdragon processor and, more impressively, WiMAX capabilities has been spotted online in the past few days in some very blurry shots.  The phone can now be seen in a much clearer picture as well as a new rendering (although we believe it to be fan made).

The Bravo, which was first spied about a week ago also gets a fresh new pic and looks pretty much the same. I’m curious to see how the “optical joystick” functions.  We will have to wait and see, but hopefully both phones come out of the shadows at this year’s MWC in Spain.

Either way, nobody can deny that both phones look gorgeous and it seems like HTC is really hitting the sweet spot in terms of design lately.  Now, all we need is some physical keyboard love for everyone to be happy.  Hit the jump for higher resolution live pics of both the HTC Supersonic and Bravo and tell use what you think.

HTC Bravo

HTC Supersonic

[via UberGizmo]